He is Gone! People Power diehard, Top blogger Ashburg Katto crosses to NRM

L-R : Ashburg Kato , President Museveni , Ray superstar and Balam Barugahara behind at the Kisiozi -Gomba Farm

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

What started as a rumor is turning into reality. As we speak, People power diehard and Bobiwine’s right hand man, Ashburg Katto is in final stages to cross from People Power to NRM, courtesy of Events promoter Balam Barugahara.

At the start of May, rumors of Ashburg having agreed to secretly NRM bosses secretly broke. However we can’t tell whether the meeting took place.

Today, a photo of Ashburg Katto, his brother Ray Superstar, Balam Barugahara with President Museveni at his Kisozi farm leaked online leaving people in conclusion that the blogger finally crossed to NRM.

Ashburg katto also poster on his Facebook how the President had accepted his proposal for the youth.

“MBASOOSE OKWAMBALA ENGULE: Yesterday we visited President Museveni from his farm and he taught us farming… (Thank you Balaam Barugahara) I had gone to present my project proposal called THE GHETTO INITIATIVE which is going to see all Kampala ghettos revived. More details to follow…. (Politics is a bitch and karma is just a coincidence) Katto posted.

But for a fact, Ashburg recently took to social media and pleaded to NRM die-hard, Balam Barugahara to help the bloggers with posho which the events promoter did. Asburg received the posho and a parcel on behalf of the bloggers.

To confirm the donation, Ashburg posted on his Facebook page a message appreciating the first son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi for donating food to all the bloggers in Uganda.

He is said to have fallen out with Bobi Wine mid last year when Joel Senyonyi was appointed people power spokesperson and the later claims since then, his access to Bobi Wine was made close to impossible.



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