Marriage vows are satanic – Pastor Bugingo

House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor Aloysius Bugingo; Online Photo

Controversial Pastor and proprietor of Salt Media Aloysius Bugingo has said marriage vows are Satanic, and they are the main cause of murders between married couples.

Bugingo’s latest bombshell was part of the Lunch Hour sermon he delivered to his followers at House of Prayer Ministries Int. in Kampala on Thursday.

Bugingo said he has read the bible from genesis to revelation countless times, but not found any verse supporting marriage vows. He said the vows are from hell and dared anyone challenging his assertion to produce evidence with the bible verse supporting the vows.

“There are many couples in the bible; who of them committed to such vows? Did Abrahim vow to marry Sarah, or Isaac did vow to marry Racheal?” Bugingo asked.

He said because couples are bound by the vows to only divorce spouses after one of them dies, it is the reason many have resorted to killing their spouses once a disagreement occurs in marriage.

“Think about it. people do not just kill their spouses? It is the satanic vows they made that ‘Death will do us apart,’ where is it in the bible?” Bugingo told a congregation that was at this point as cold as ice contrary to the usual applause that follow his statements.

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He said the Christians must know Satan brought vows to encourage murders because he (Satan) came to steal, kill and destroy.

It is not the first time Pastor Bugingo is challenging the Christian doctrine in relation to marriage following a recent incident when he removed a matrimonial ring from his finger and threw it away saying marriage rings are also satanic. He even encouraged all his followers to shun marriage rings because they are not biblical.

Bugingo was married in Church more than 29 years ago, but recently separated with his official wife before he opted to co-habit with one of his employees named Susan Makula. He has attempted to file for divorce, but his official wife Teddy Bugingo is yet to accept.




  1. Here is the scripture Bugingo was asking for (Romans 7:1-3) – abamuli okumpi bamuyambe musajja wattu!
    Paul begins (verse 1) with a legal axiom, “Or do you not know, brethren (for I am speaking to those who know the law), that the law has jurisdiction over a person as long as he lives?” Note that Paul is addressing the “brethren,” which is those who are saved -by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Next, Paul gives an analogy in verses 2-3 to explain the axiom. ‘For the married woman is bound by law (nomos – the law of God) to her husband while he is living; but if her husband dies, she is released from the law concerning the husband’.
    The word “for” (gar) introduces an explanation of the previous verse. Having given the axiom, he now explains it with this analogy. It is a basic principle that a married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is living. She entered into a marital agreement with her husband, and as long as he is alive, she is legally married to him. However, if her husband dies, she is then free under the law to remarry another man. Equally (thanks to our re-reading the Bible well – today, through the eyes of a man and woman) If the woman dies, the man is free under the law to remarry another woman. Paul continues, “So then, if while her husband is living she is joined to another man, she shall be called an adulteress” (verse 3). The phrase “so then” means that Paul is drawing a conclusion from the analogy in the previous verse. If she leaves her husband and marries another man while he is still living, while she is still legally married to her husband, she shall be called an adulteress. Paul is emphatic that she is bound under the law to remain married to her husband as long as he is living. It is important to add that The New Testament does give two exceptions to this rule. There are two grounds for divorce found in the New Testament. The first is adultery by the other partner (Matthew 5:31-34; 19:9). The second is desertion by an unbeliever (1 Corinthians 7:15). I find both exceptions (in the light of the current subject matter) intriguing – Oooops!
    Permit me to add a brief note on the wider question Bugingo asks… where is it written in the Bible…? Sadly (and this is why I support the suggestion that pastors who are not trained in proper Bible/theological colleges should not be allowed to pastor), many practices have come to us through tradition and deep/ prayerful reflection on Scripture. In fact, the Christian faith has a unique incarnational characteristic of engaging the mind, context, peoples and their cultures (though, I must add, this is generally not a ‘privilege’ that has been accorded to the ‘journey’ of Christianity in Africa. Our African experience is by and large, as others explain better – a tabula rasa [blank slate/ replacement] approach – more on than later). My point is, many beliefs and practices (that we now call Christian) have come to us, in part, through the rich Christian heritage, tradition and encounters. They are now a sine qua non part of who we are, who we are, what we believe and where we are going. Some practices are clearly stated (and indeed instructed in the Bible – we now have and read). Others come from the wealth of our rich and ever enriching Christian journey. Let me ask, if I may:
    1. Where is Bugingo’s first name (Aloysius) written in the Bible? Did he (or his parents) not ‘inherit’ a name of saints in the body of Christ, as many have done for centuries, and hopefully will continue to do? Is it possible that Bugingo is named after St Aloysius de Gonzaga (9 March 1568 – 21 June 1591 – an Italian aristocrat who became a member of the Society of Jesus)? Hmmm!
    2. (and from here more important questions) which ONE verse in the Bible gives us a full, clear, and unequivocal description that our God is a triune God – ie. Three in one and one in Three)?
    3. Where in the Bible do we Christians (or most of us Christians) get instructions to worship God on Sundays, or even (in the case of many) to celebrate Christmas and Easter?
    4. What is Jesus’ own teaching (ie. coming from his mouth) on homosexuality (please stay with the subject matter – don’t start making silly accusations)
    5. Most important – I have heard many Christians say, Jesus is my personal saviour. I say that a lot! But, where in the Bible, are Christians INSTRUCTED to ‘make Jesus their personal saviour’? I am not talking about believing him (as I did) and accepting the forgiveness and new life He gives freely to all who ask. But, I am simply asking, where in the Bible are we instructed to make him our personal saviour? In Jesus Christ, all who believe and follow Him have received something far greater than a personal Saviour. We have received Jesus Christ’s very own relationship with His Father! According to New Testament teaching, what the Father was to Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is to you and me.
    TUSABA GAVUMENT ETUYAMBE – ABASUMBA BASOME!!! (Yes, I hear you! – Where is it written in the Bible that pastors must first go to Bible College, before being allowed to pastor? Ha ha ha)

  2. I really can’t see anything satanic about this (everybody just wants some little fame nowadays):

    I, (name), take you, (name)
    to be my wife/husband,
    to have and to hold
    from this day forward;
    for better, for worse,
    for richer, for poorer,
    in sickness and in health,
    to love and to cherish,
    till death us do part,
    according to God’s holy law.
    In the presence of God I make this vow.’

  3. Church leaders should look at the bible in totality and not at a few verses. The concept of making marriage vows was introduced by Cranmer in AD1457. In the old testament David was married to Seven wives but God did not punish him for that except when he took another mans wife. Many of the old religions are teaching lot of false things e.g the Catholics still encourage the use of Images in Worship( Read Exodus 20:4-5; Jeremiah 10:1-10). They equate Jehovah to Jesus and the holy spirit. They use the cross in worship well aware Jesus was not put on the + cross as they make people believe. They even stop church leaders from marrying( read 1 Timothy 3:1-12). The pope even had the guts to want to change the Lords prayer and put in what he wanted.Good Christians should follow the bible not religions. Jesus was even clear about vows (read Mathew 5:33-37). People marrying must not make vows as it was in the bible. Those churches who want marriages in their churches want money. Some are collecting as much as 800,000 for doing nothing . Cheats. Traditional marriage is marriage and civil marriage but the rest are fake. They are for generating money to the churches and for showing off.

  4. Why mention Catholics here. Seems like your main problem is “Catholics” huh?
    Just mind what you preach and not other religions please.

  5. Comment:read yo bible wen, there is no harm if church leaders dont get married,infact God likes dat way but there is also no harm if they marry. just read 1 cor 7:32

  6. Comment: The mystery of the knowledge of the kingdom of God is given to those who are in Christ Jesus alone, but I can see people like Catholic, Protestant and the so called Pentecostal churches meddling in the word of God which they have know part in it.You must need know Jesus Christ first. NB denounce Religion and Pentecostal churches first that is

    when you will talk the hidden wisdom and the of God


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