Ugandan troops in Somalia awarded medals for the job well done


Mogadishu – Somalia: The African union mission in Somalia (ATMIS) force commander Lt Gen Diomede Ndegeya has applauded the Uganda military Contigent in Somalia for their significant role in pacification of Mogadishu city and the areas of lower Shabelle where Uganda troops are deployed.

The remarks were delivered for him by the the ATMIS deputy force commander in charge of operations Maj Gen Williams Tshume during the medal award ceremony to the Uganda battle groups XXX111 During their conclusion of their tour of duty.

The ATMIS force commander particularly thanked the outgoing forces for securing the presidential and parliamentary elections, Mogadishu city and base camp during their tour of duty. ‘We feel proud, and appreciate you for the job well done. You deserve this Africa union medal, because you have earned it’ said the force commander.

The Uganda military Contigent commander Brig Gen Keith Katungi thanked the battle group for what they were able to achieve including acting as a blocking force to deter Al Shabaab from infiltrating Mogadishu city by dominating all entry points to Mogadishu city. He further thanked the battle group for keeping a good civil military relationship with the population where they were deployed as per the UPDF tradition of being pro people.

The outgoing battle group commander
Col Ezra Mwinyi thanked the contingent commander for the unwavering support and continueous guidance during his tour of duty. This, he said, was very key for the success of the battle group.

The incoming battle group XXXV1 Commander Col John Musiitwa thanked his predecessor Col Ezra Mwinyi Byaruhanga for priotizing force and equipment protection. He pledged to build from the firm foundation he had laid and promised to emulate him.

Battle group XXX111, which was 1817 strong occupied areas of Mogadishu city, Albiska, Alboa,Lantabur and Beldogole with 08 forward operating bases (FOBs) and was also key in providing security to the 12 internally displaced Peaple’s camps in the area. Battle group XXXV1 will now take over responsibilities in the area.

The battle groups serve a one year tour of duty in the African union supported mission, dubbed the African union transition mission in Somalia ( ATMIS). Battle XXX111 inserted in the mission in October 2021



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