Bobi Wine is a liar and a hypocrite: NUP is ‘fake’ and it should be deregistered -Mao


Democratic Party (DP) president Nobert Mao says National Unity Platform (NUP) should be immediately struck off the register of political parties in Uganda saying it was fradulently registered.

Mao’s remarks are part of the verbal artillery in the ongoing cold war between the opposition in Uganda with exchange of hostilities which began a few weeks ago. Using every available media space, the DP president and the leadership of NUP have traded barbs with both sides accusing the other for working with the ruling party NRM.

In an exclusive interview -Diaspora Open Space Conversations conducted online and hosted by journalist Remmy Bahati, Mao again took a swipe at NUP challenging its registration which he says was rife with irregularities.

“I have all the information to show that NUP is a fake party which should actually be de-registered. It has a forged constitution, it held a national delegates conference of only 11 members and seven of whom were non members of the party. It should actually be struck off the register of political parties.” Mao said.

Mao refered to NUP’s registration as a party following its incanation from NURP formerly held by Nkonge Kibalama, which he claims was not authentic having been presented as a new party in 2020 yet it was registered a year ago in 2019.

A lawyer himself, Mao claims he has overwhelming evidence to prove that NUP registration is a nulity. He says this fact is known by senior NUP leaders some of whom have since confessed to him privately but fear to lose their privileged positions in NUP.

“People are in shock about the goings-on but they are afraid to speak because their bread depends on their keeping quiet. And I still have more documents to release! I have now become the Wikileaks of Uganda” He added.

Mao also described to NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi as a hypocrite and a liar presiding over a “kiwani” party with supporters suffering from “generational miopia.”

He however noted that his wish that NUP be de-registered may not be possible considering its links with NRM.

“But the NRM needs NUP because they can figure out how they deal with it.” he said.

He accused opposition parties in Uganda including Forum for Democratic Change FDC for secretly coloborating with the ruling NRM and turn around to castigate it. He himself admitted that he has no problem meeting President Museveni saying the DP philosophy doesnt bar him from doing so.

“If I become president, Am I going to expel NRM members? Am I going to commit a genocide? So, Uganda needs a reality check; we must learn the habit of talking to each other but what is happening, it is politically incorrect to be seen standing with Museveni” He stated



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