Kenyan lawyer Miguna offers to Swear-in Donald Trump as America’s People’s President

Dr Miguna Miguna; Courtesy Photo

Kenya’s controversial lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna has advised the US President Donald Trump to form a parallel government and offered to swear him in as the “people’s president.”

The Kenyan-Canadian lawyer and self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) General, Miguna described himself as an experienced barrister and solicitor and asked Trump to reach out if he needed help.

“To Mr. @realDonaldTrump: I am an experienced Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario, Canada. I have received instructions from millions of Kenyans asking me to swear you in as “The People’s President.” Please get in touch so that we can discuss my fees and other incidentals,” Miguna said in a message posted on Twitter on November 4, 2020.

Dr Miguna is the leader of the National Resistance Movement, a civil disobedience organization linked to the opposition in Kenya and in 2017, he clashed with the Kenyan authorities when he presided over an unofficial swearing-in ceremony for opposition leader, Raila Odinga as the people’s president. Odinga had earlier lost a presidential vote to Uhuru Kenyatta refused to participate in a re-run after the supreme court overturned the result.

Trump’s path to re-election has narrowed after his opponent, Republican’s Joe Biden was declared the winner of Michigan and Wisconsin, tow swing states that the President claimed in 2016.

With 264 Electoral College votes, Biden needs to win in only one key state to reach the magical 270 votes and claim the US Presidency. The former Vice President is on course to do just that as he continues to lead in key battle states of Nevada and Arizona.

On Thursday morning, the democrats were already in early celebrations claiming their candidate Joe Biden had already won the vote.

Trump has promised to Challenge the outcome of the elections in the Supreme Court, citing what he believes to be massive rigging. The President has specifically pointed out the validity of mail-in ballots.

Millions of Americans voted early through the mail-in ballots as one of the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, most states only started counting the ballots from the election day on November 3.

Trump has severally claimed that they are stealing his election victory.

“They are finding Biden votes all over the place — in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan,” Trump said on Thursday.

“How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?” Trump posted on November 4, 2020

The President had declared himself the winner of the elections on Wednesday morning, despite the fact that several states had not been called. This forced Twitter to censure his tweet.



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