Opposition is a business, it cannot unseat Museveni -NUP’s Bajjo says

NUP's Bajjo, President Robert Kyagulanyi and Abitex at NUP National Headquarters recently; File Photo

Events promoter Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo, a known critic of President Museveni has said the latter will not be taken out of power.

A member of National Unity Platform -led by Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, Bajjo claims that leaders of the opposition are greedy, selfish and lack an agenda to unseat Museveni.

Bajjo’s comments are in a video that has since went viral on social media. It is not clear when the video was recorded.

“The opposition is a business; they are earning money by opposing Museveni while lying to Ugandans about change. Ugandans will soon realize,” Bajjo said.

“I swear to you, no one will unseat president Museveni,” Bajjo added “I am sure the silly ones will abuse me, while others will make statements that I have been compromised, but bright ones will understand,” Bajjo claimed.

He accuses the opposition for hoodwinking the public with hot air promises of change while they are busy doing business. He says he is making statements to save the country from the chaos he anticipates after the opposition fail to deliver change to an already charged population.

“Museveni has guns, money, and Electoral Commission, how will you unseat such a person. Those in opposition should just tell people the truth,” he added.

Bajjo’s comments come days after another strong critic of Museveni -Basajja Mivule admonished NUP and it’s leadership claiming that President Museveni cannot leave State House for a president whose supporters are the benchmark of immorality and abuse.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) member and Baba FM political show host Basajja Mivule claims that supporters of the NUP are abusive and hooligans.

“God can not allow drug addicts, hooligans, slanderers, abusive people, and homosexuals to get hold of Uganda’s State House. They can abuse all they want, but such people will not rule this country,” Mivule claimed.

Mivule recently changed positions following his earlier comments that despised officials in the ruling government especially westerners, as thieves land grabbers. The comments led to his arrest and detention before he came out to openly apologize that his statements were uncalled for.

Mivule’s apology rubbed members of the NUP the wrong way culminating in abuses and verbal attacks from the latter accusing him for being compromised by the state.

“Whoever wants to promote peace and harmony should apologize and that is what I did. But people started abusing me, throwing around vulgar words. Whoever is abusing is hidden in People Power, why don’t the People Power leaders come up to guide their people against such bad behavior?” Mivule argued.

He said that whoever leads such people will not become president of Uganda. He said that people should not waste time abusing others but rather use their time to preach the good message of NUP.

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