THE BIG STORIES OF THE WEEK: From Politics to Entertainment

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi's news of National Unity Platform Political Party dominated headlines; Courtesy Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

On Sunday 19th July as the new week started, no one knew of what it would be like aside from the earlier announced Presidential Address that happened on Tuesday. However, the week turned out to be a roller coaster of both political and entertainment stories since the two are currently inseparable in Uganda today. Well we bring you the stories that dominated the media space this Week.


Tuesday came and just a few minutes past 8pm, President Museveni started his address in an unusual style of a Covid-19 documentary something that almost everyone thought was a sign of no good news in terms of lifting the lockdown further. However, along the way the President eased quite a number of things something that brought about moods of jubilation. This website published a story that broke down the Key points in that presidential Address, to you that didn’t read it, make sure you read it.

President Museveni directed re-opening of Arcades, Salons; Schools, Churches remain closed: PPU Photo


Still this week, Presidential Hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobiwine announced his political party the National Unity Platform (NUP) something that caught majority of Ugandans unawares. Most of his supporters claimed their President had shown them “Mature” a slang that refers to someone’s act of maturity. The big news out of this was that Bobiwine was now a Political Party President and unlike before where he led a movement and his opponents referred to his People Power Movement as a group of hooligans.

Robert Kyagulanyi and supporters at People Power offices unveiling the party; File


Sports Journalist and Flavia Tumusiime’s husband Andrew Kabuura appeared on his “ NTV PressBox “ sports show on Monday donning on a dress. Unlike the fans of the show, most of the people kept wondering what went wrong with the presenters sense of fashion that evening as his pictures started making rounds on social media. It was later revealed that Kabuura had lost a football bet against his co-host Joel Khamadi and he had promised to put on a dress if he lost the bet something that he did. The big question is, was it Flavia Tumusiime’s dress or?

NTV’s Andrew Kabuura hosting the PressBox in a dress: Courtesy Photo

On Tuesday morning, city socialite Bad Black visited her comrade, Bryan White who is currently bedridden over an unknown sickness. Bad Black revealed how Bryan was badly off and needed urgent help from the government Black almost cried in the video that She recorded and posted online claiming that her friend’s situation was badly off. Unfortunately on Wednesday, the same Bad Black came out and bashed Bryan claiming he’s just pretending to be sick with intentions of seeking President Museveni’s attention because he’s now so broke. Interesting.

Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa attacked Bryan White claiming he is faking illness; Online Photo

On Friday morning, police arrested comedians under the “BIZONTO” comedy group over alleged cases of inciting violence through tribalistic jokes whereas on the other hand, Kadongo Kamu singer Gerald Kiweewa was also arrested over his song “ NANTABA.” The police claimed that his song was attacking former ICT minister, Aidah Nantaba.
Anyway, we hope the law will be followed to the latter and justice prevail.

Kadongo Kamu Singer Gerald Kiwewa was arrested over his song about Nantaba; Online Photo


After Close to 4 months of entrapment in Ivory Coast, Eddy Kenzo finally came back to Uganda on Friday night together with all Ugandans that were stuck in Western Africa. Kenzo’s return brought joy to his fans who had since cried to government to help bring their star back home. Eddy Kenzo is now under quarantine for a period of two weeks before he is finally set free. Hope he will soon release a hit out of his escapades in foreign lands.

Singer Eddy kenzo at Entebbe International Airport after arrival; Courtesy Photo

A huge and momentous week it has been. Until next week…



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