My plan to retire started in 2016 -Winnie Kiiza responds to critics

Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza; File Photo

Former leader of opposition in parliament and Kasese Woman MP, Hon Winnie Kiiza said she did not abruptly take the decision to retire from elective politics, but rather had the intention for years.

Winnie said she did not arrive to this decision just recently but her retirement has been a process since 2016.

On Tuesday, Winnie Kiiza, declared she will not be seeking re-election to parliament in 2021, and said she wanted to actualize her person conviction against overstay in power. She also challenged other leaders that it was time to take the lead in what they preach about serving, grooming successors and retiring.

Her decision that was lauded by many Ugandans as exemplary but a section of critics also taunted her citing dwindling of popular support. Her critics allege that Winnie’s recent decision to shift allegiance from FDC to Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s ANT party which seems to be unpopular in Kasese, prompted her retirement decision.

In social media messages she posted on Wednesday, Winnie said she informed a section of her 2016 campaign team that she would be serving her last term a District Woman MP. Winnie also stated that a year later, in 2017, she met a few Kasese elders and confided in them about the same intention.

Since then, Winnie said she has been meeting her mentors and friends until she made the pronouncement on Tuesday.

A vocal legislator with a courageous character, Winnie Kiiza first served as a District Councillor representing the people of Kyondo-Kisinga sub-counties for seven years and then as Kasese District Woman Representative in the Parliament of Uganda since 2006.

She also served as the leader of opposition in parliament under FDC Party for ten years from 2016 to 2016. Upon winning the 2006 election, Winnie claims she promised her voters never to overstay in office the same way her predecessor had done.

In her retirement declaration statement, Winnie stated that she can only feel successful if she participates in the election of her successor so that together they shape the destiny of Kasese District.

“Hehehe. In political journalism you should read between the lines. @winniekiiza1 supports
@mugishamuntu. Her mate Yokasi Bihande is Chairman #ANT. Kasese has been @FDCOfficial1.
MPs there are dragging feet coz ground is slippery. Something is cooking. @kals2011” Mr Ofwono Opondo, The Director for Uganda Media Center tweeted after Winnie’s resignation.



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