I was not holding a Political Rally -Minister Aceng reacts to claims she abused COVID guidelines

Dr Jane Ruth Aceng says she did not flout covid-19 guidelines; File Photo

The Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has refuted claims she abused the health guidelines against spread of coronavirus and help a political rally without a masks on her face.

Dr. Aceng’s response followed a short video clip which was posted on social media on Saturday showing her closely interacting with residents in her home district of Lira without social distancing measures and mandatory face masking to control spread of COVID-19.

In a message posted on social media, Dr Aceng denies she was holding a political rally but a meeting to launch the distribution of face masks in the area.

She said she was demonstrating to residents how to properly use face masks when a team of excited youths stormed her meeting and caused the commotion, she tried to quell.

Dr Aceng says the youths were “difficult” to control as some wanted to take pictures with her and get a share of the masks. She however noted that they later left after appreciating the importance of masks and social distancing.

She further noted that as a minister at the helm of the corona response and an aspiring Woman MP for the district, she is cognizant of the rules and guidelines and therefore can’t flout the same.

The video had attracted public criticism with members questioning Dr. Aceng’s commitment to the guidelines against COVID-19 which she has been preaching to Ugandans for months.

Health Minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng last week announced she will contest for Lira Woman MP seat in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.



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