We have built a country for all, not just some -Paul Kagame

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda; File Photo

Rwanda’s president, Gen. Paul Kagame has said, in the last 26 years, his government has built a united country for all Rwandans where everyone cares about the other.

The remarks were part of Kagame’s speech he delivered to Rwandans on the 26th Liberation Day celebrations commemorated on July 4, every year.

In his message delivered through the media due to the covid-19 pandemic, Kagame saluted the Rwandans for the sacrifice they offered in changing the fortunes of their country. He said Rwanda has achieved a lot in the 26 years of his government but the collaboration, sacrifice and values espoused are still important.

“26 years have passed since we liberated ourselves. We have achieved a lot. It required sacrifice, hard work and the collaboration of many. The values that have characterized our Liberation are still important today” President Kagame said.

“Every year of the last 26,this day 4 July, many people and I am no exception take stock in equal measure of the unimaginable losses and gains and progress (made so far) by our country owing to the sacrifices by the gallant men & women of this our beloved Nation. To all I can only salute!!!” Kagame said.

“After many years of bad politics of greed, hate, and division, we have built a country for all, not just some. A country where everyone cares about the other” Kagame added.

The 26th Anniversary of Liberation was kicked off with a number of developmental projects including the inauguration of Gishuro Model Village which is home to 64 families, an ECD center, a school with smart classrooms and a health center.

Kagame, who has been in power since 1994 is regarded as one of African leaders who has ruled his country with an iron fist but with reasonable progress in terms of development.

He also warned public servants against corruption and mismanaging public assets.

“What remains important is to abide by the rule of law. Public resources must not be embezzled or mismanaged. Liberation is a journey that continues” He said.



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