24 new coronavirus cases registered in Kenya; highest record in 24 hrs

LOGO: Ministry of Health Kenya; Courtesy Photo

Kenya recorded its second highest number of new Coronavirus patients in 24 hours on Saturday after 24 new cases tested positive for the disease.

This also brings the total number of confirmed cases to 435.

Majority of new cases were found in two of Nairobi’s densely populated states..

One death was also reported in the last 24 hours, while recoveries rose to 152.

The health ministry raised an alarm on “casual attitude creeping back” into the country as Kenyans literally returned to normal life as human and vehicle traffic in Nairobi covered streets.

CAS -health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi confirmed that random check within city has showed that businesses like Cyber Cafes, Butcheries Take-away shops, Salons, markets have all gone back to operate as as if they are in normal times.

She said the ministry will not allow a reversal as what has been recorded in Ghana to happen in Kenya.



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