COVID CRISIS: Magufuli refuses to declare lockdown on Dar es Salaam

Resolute: HE John Pombe Magufuli; File Photo

Despite the increasing number of cases of coronavirus patients in his country, Tanzanian President John Magufuli has ruled out the possibility of locking down of Dar es Salaam.

Magufuli said Dar es Salaam is the only center where the government collects almost 80 percent of the country’s revenue and to enforce a lockdown would badly affect the economics of the country.

“There are those who have suggested that we lockdown Dar es Salaam. This is not possible,” he said on Wednesday.

“We can continue taking all measures to curb the virus but not by locking down Dar es Salaam,” he added.

Mr Magufuli was addressing a joint meeting of heads of defence and security in his home town Chato where he addressed several other issues among them the fight against Covid-19.

On Wednesday, Tanzania registered 30 more coronavirus cases to reach a total tally of 284.



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