Coronavirus Uganda: No refund for expired Visas -Internal Affairs Ministry


The Ministry of Internal Affairs has said all people who had been issued with Ugandan visas should not expect compensation or refund once the lockdown is lifted.

The ministry Spokesperson Mr. Jacob Siminyu said once the lockdown period expires, travelers who will still be interested in travelling to Uganda will have to undertake fresh application process and make fresh payments.

“Coronavirus is an act of God. We cannot say we will reimburse or compensate those who had been issued with visas before the coronavirus pandemic” Mr. Siminyu said.

He said the ministry cannot commit itself to compensate those who had made payments because coronavirus was not expected and it is a complicated process to effect a compensation.

Siminyu however said, travelers who wish to renew or apply for passports can make use of the ministry’s online services and do so.

He noted that foreign nationals whose work permits and passes, have expired will remain bothered until the lockdown is lifted.

He also dispelled rumors that travelers who want to reclaim their passports after serving a 14-day quarantine due to coronavirus are required to pay money.

Siminyu said travelers are only required to present discharge certificates to the commissioner in charge of immigration, and passports are issued free of charge.



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