Gen. Tumukunde’s health worrying, President’s directives may worsen it more

Gen. Henry Tumukunde being supported to attend proceedings of his case on Wednesday in Kampala; Online Photo

The health of Gen. Henry Tumukunde may continue to deteriorate following the recent pronouncements by government in regard to the coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging nations globally.

Latest reports indicate that family members and close associates of Gen. Tumukunde are worried about his life which they say is not getting better ever since he was arrested on suspicion that he is involved in subversive acts against the government in Kampala.

A close associate of the troubled military general has told this website that Tumukunde’s health is deteriorating ever since he was sent on remand. A source who had the privilege of speaking to Tumukunde in prison on Thursday afternoon, said Tumukunde is hypertensive, and his body is getting weaker requiring specialized medical attention.

The source noted that Tumukunde (61) cannot walk without support, and continues to be frail. Tumukunde was seen on Wednesday being supported to access court premises on the day he appeared to answer charges of treason leveled against him by the state.  

Tumukunde’s plea for access to his personal doctor, and possibly be released on bail is yet to be granted. However, with the latest restrictions to access to prisoners may worsen the situation since he has been depending on food prepared outside Luzira prison.

During the hearing of his case on Wednesday, court ordered that Tumukunde should have access to his private doctor, but this has not granted yet. His bail application is still pending, and the order granting access to a personal doctor is yet to be executed.

According to the source, Tumukunde’s deteriorating health condition has been catalyzed by his refusal to eat prison food for fear of being poisoned. It has also been confirmed that he is planning to have his meals specially prepared inside the prison if the authorities grant him the privilege.

The source however confirmed that Gen. Tumukunde remains resolute on his intent to contest for presidency in 2021.



  1. What ever the circumstances, the house of God deserves utmost respect without any lame excuses or turnarounds. Lord God, show your mighty hand in the face of the perpetrators.


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