Stick to your job, or resign -Minister tells RDCs

Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo; File Photo

The minster for presidency Hon. Esther Mbayo has cautioned Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) against deviating from their mandate, or resign before she takes action.

Minister Mbayo said instead of working for president Museveni, some RDCs are pursuing personal ambitions with others are busy looking for their votes. She said some are engaged in endless bickering abusing one another instead of doing their job.

She cautioned the RDCs to stop bickering and stick to effectively performing their duties, and focus energy to productive activities.

“Instead of monitoring government programmes and projects, you are busy looking for your votes. It is your right to exercise whatever is right politically, but you have to resign first” Mbayo said during a press briefing at media center on Wednesday.

Mbayo did not specifically name the errant RDCs, but noted that they are currently posted in Acholi and Lango sub-regions.

“You are supposed to be foot soldiers of the president and reflect exactly what it means to be president. Several times i have called you to answer some concerns over your behaviour. The protection i have been giving you has ceased” she cautioned.

Under the Constitution, RDCs and their deputies are senior civil servants directly appointed and deployed to respective districts by the president. They represent the president and Central Government respectively, and as such are expected to exhibit a high level of personal and official dignity, and knowledge on government policies and ongoing programs.

Apart from representing the president, their day-to-day duties include monitoring and supervising the implementation of public services in their areas of jurisdiction. RDCs chair the district security committee comprising the police, intelligence services, army, prisons, Chief Administrative Officer, Resident State Attorney, and the district chairperson among others.

However, the services of RDCs have often come under criticism by sections of the public with several of them being named in scandals and criminal activities especially in cases of land grabbing, election violence among others.



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