Rwanda in partnership with Israel on Border security; Planning to build a wall?

Rwandan President Paul Kagame shakes hand with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu; Online Photo

The government of Rwanda through its Ministry of Defense has courted Israel into a partnership to bolster security along its borders.

Defense ministries from both Rwanda and Israel made engagements this week on tightening border security, the latest being a seminar which was held on 15th January 2020 in Kigali, where the two governments shared knowledge on different aspects on cross-border security and border protection.

The engagement according to sources involved new measures to maintain a 24-hour ruthless surveillance mechanism backed up by technology along the borders. However, details of resolutions remain top secret but reports indicate the measures are meant to restrict entry of unauthorized persons into Rwanda as part of new counter terrorism measures.

Rwandan security officers and Israeli defense officials during a seminar in Kigali recently

Israeli is known for its ruthless measures employed along its borders including shooting incidents by security personnel manning the border points, and erection of walls/barriers/fences along borders. The Israeli – West Bank barrier, Sinai barrier and the Gaza strip barrier are part of the Israeli stringent measures to maintain ‘water tight’ borders.

Speaking at the event attended by all Rwandan security agencies and immigration officials, the Rwandan defense minister Maj. Albert Murasira said the seminar provided the opportunity for the two governments share lessons and come up with strategies to defend their people better.

Participants in the seminar also shared experience on maritime, land and air security as well as airport security.

The development comes in the light of an unresolved cross-border row between Rwanda and its neighbors following a decision in February 2019 by the Kigali government to close its common border with Uganda.

Up to today, Rwanda has maintained restriction on movement for both people and goods across its borders, with incidents where Rwandan security agents have shot and killed Ugandans who attempt to cross into her territory.

A 30-foot tall concrete wall Israel built along its border with Lebanon; Online Photo
Another fortified border barrier along the Gaza strip; Online Photo


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