Fresh Kid, JohnBlaq, Martha Kay, Top Google searches in Uganda 2019

The Photo Montage of Fresh Kid, Martha Kay, and John Blaq; File Photo

By Pato Patrick Sentongo

Seven year old rapper Patrick Senyonjo popularly known to many as FreshKid, artist JohnBlaq and comedian Martha Kay were the most searched terms on google this year. Fresh Kid topped the the list as the breakout search query, followed by JohnBlaq and then Martha Kay, AFCON and lastly, JIJI Uganda.


Fresh kid has been receiving a tremendous increase in searches since March 3,2019, hitting the peak on March 31. The young rapper first came to light following his ecstatic performance at one of the comedy shows around Kampala. The video which went viral put him in the limelight hence grabbing attention of the media. Since then, Fresh kid caught everyone’s attention that everyone wanted to have an opinion about his life.

Notably , State Minister for Youth & Children’s Affairs, Florence Nakiwala kiyinji cautioned the rapper and even threatened to arrest him for various alleged crimes, causing public uproar. However after picking a peak , searches began to drop . This could be attributed to the fact that the boy child had something else keeping him busy which was school.

On the other hand , the search term John Blaq has been increasing steadily since laste last year. People who searched for JohnBlaq also searched for his songs “DO DAT “ and “MAKANIKA.” Highest searches for JohnBlaq came from West, Central and the East. JohnBlaq is a Ugandan hip hop and Afrobeat  artist born in 1996 in Jinja . He is famed for his songs such as Obubadi, Tukwatagane, do dat among others.

Martha got her limelight break through when her Range Rover video clip went viral, back in 2016. She has since had a smooth ride on the Internet , sharing one comic clip at a time. But that changed around May this year when her nude photos were leaked.

While the incident sent her on a silent retreat off social media, Martha Kay became the third most searched on Google this year. The term hit its peak on May 26th 2029, the day her nudes were leaked. People who searched for her also searched for her videos, photos , nude photos & who is Martha Kay. 



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