Celebrities in solidarity with MC Kats as his health status draws criticism

Revealed his status: Edwin Katamba alias Mc Kats; Online Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

From the likes of Douglas Lwanga , lucky Mbabazi, Ykee Benda, B2C , JohnBlaq, among others, Ugandan celebrities have united to stand with MC Kats and seek the much needed help to get him back on track.

Mc Kats, Real name Edwin katamba is one of the most celebrated Ugandan MCees who has been raising the Ugandan flag for close to two decades. The music and talent managers’ health is however not at its best currently. Basing on videos circulating all over social media, Kats officially revealed to the public how he has been living with HIV/AIDS and how he has even contemplated committing suicide on several occasions.

However, this whole wave of MC Kats latest lifestyle and happenings have attracted mixed reactions from some people who refer to it as drama claiming that Mc Kats is using the health issue as a stunt to promote his event dubbed KING OF THE MIC happening next Friday at Wave lounge in Kololo.

Others continue to ask why would Kats allow someone to record him on phone while he said all this, and why are these videos spreading at a time close to his event yet they were recorded a time back when he was still in UK claiming all this drama is to end when his show is done because it’s only targeting the show and nothing else.

Whatever it is, celebrities have stood in solidarity with Mc Kats, and videos have kept surfacing of Kats attempting to commit Suicide while in London in November. Several close friends have also come out to reveal what a wreck of a life he has been living until he decided to make his HIV status public.



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