Rwamiti ‘roasted’ for criticizing Football Stars’ fashion choice

Under fire; Miles Rwamiti. Online Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Miles Rwamiti might have thought that it was going to be just another troll about a common celebrity like he usually does with singers. little did he know that he was tampering with two stars of Ugandan Football would earn him the worst grill of insults.

In the football spheres, Allan Okello and  Mustafa Kizza have won themselves some kind of favor amongst fans who look  at them as gods of a kind. Well their talent speaks for itself. Speaking anything negative against them, even in public would earn you a few insults if not slaps.

Miles Rwamiti did not get this memo as he attacked them on Twitter for their dress code at the recently concluded 2019 Airtel FuFa awards. The “Koona” show co-host sent out a tweet in which he questioned the dress code of the two saying that the suits they were donning at the awards were for high school kids.

Before he added a full-stop on his tweet, football fans and followers of the KCCA FC dependable players were already bombarding his handle with trolls and insults of different kinds. This comes a few days after NTVs Bettinah tiannah received insults on social media for bashing critics of her dress code. Check out some of the unkind replies that the fans threw at Rwamiti.



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