Arsene Wenger’s deal to head Bayern Munich, for next week

Set for talks; Arsene Wenger; online photo

Arsene Wenger remains in the running to take over as Bayern Munich head coach after revealing he will hold talks with the German club next week.

The former Arsenal manager had emerged as a frontrunner to replace Niko Kovac before it was widely reported this week that Wenger was no longer an option for Bayern.

However, in a bid to clear up the situation, Wenger told beIN Sports: “I don’t have any agent, I am the only one involved in this story. Nobody can talk on my behalf.

Wenger said he will hold talks with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge next week over a move to the German giants.

“I have known Franz Beckenbauer, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness for 40 years. The success of this club has been built on exceptional competency, honesty, discretion and simplicity. We always told the truth between all of us when it was necessary.

“On Wednesday afternoon, Rummenigge called me, I could not answer at that moment, by politeness, I called him back. He was in his car going to the game against Olympiacos. “We talked for four to five minutes maximum, and he told me they had assigned Flick to be the coach, he will manage the two next games, because they will play Dortmund tomorrow

“He asked me if I would be interested because they are looking for a coach. I told him ‘I haven’t thought about it, I need some time to have a think about it’.

“We decided together we will talk next week because I am in Doha until Sunday night. This is the true story.” Arsene said.



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