Student leaders want university officials who ‘coordinated’ Army raid at Makerere penalized

Makerere University students during protests; File

Makerere student leaders have set several demands for the university management to fulfill as part of a process to end the current stalemate between students and management over a 15 percent increment on tuition that led to protests and violent scenes at the university for the last two weeks.

In a communication released today, the student leadership demands for a probe into the actions of Prof. Banabas Nawangwe’s personal assistant Mulangira Gordon, and prof. Hissali Elia who they claim coordinated military raids on students resulting into gross human rights violations including sexual assault, torture and molestation of students.

They also claim the actions of the two officials resulted into damage of property worth millions belonging to students and the university.

According to the deputy guild president Judith Nalukwago, the parliamentary probe committee should also undertake an audit into the actions of the two officials, and an appropriate punitive action taken against them including prosecution and possibly imprisonment.

The leaders also appealed to Makerere University management to respect the resolutions of parliament that called for unconditional reinstatement of suspended students, suspension of the 15 percent fees policy, and that management should desist from interfering in the governance of the student’s body.

The leaders insist that management is to blame for whatever happened during protests, and vowed to pursue justice against the two to the end.

They however appreciated efforts by the University Council Committee that was constituted to investigate the conduct of the two individuals, but noted that their move is meant to explore other investigative mechanisms to collaborate the findings of the committee, to eliminate bias.

The student leadership has also organized an extraordinary general assembly at the Freedom Square inside the university on Monday, to engage the student community and determine whether the protest should continue or not.



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