Bobi’s time is over -Buchaman declares himself Ghetto President

Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman; New "Getto President" File

The recently appointed presidential envoy in charge of Ghetto affairs, Mark Bugembe commonly known as Buchaman has said Bobi Wine’s time as Ghetto President is over, and he is the new president of the Ghetto.

Speaking out for the first time since he was appointed, Buchaman said since Bobi Wine is busy claiming to remove leaders who have overstayed, it is time for him too to relinquish the position of the Ghetto president.

Buchaman advised Bobi Wine to focus on the Parliamentary duties and leave the issues concerning the people living in Ghetto to him. He said immediately upon appointed, he took over the Getto presidency.

“My issues are not political in anyway. If Bobi Wine is working hard to remove leaders who have overstayed in power, it’s the time for him to leave the position of Ghetto President,” He said.

He vowed he will traverse all the ghettos in Uganda to see that he change lives of ordinary people.

Buchaman applauded President Museveni for entrusting him with such a great responsibility.

“I thank the president for trusting me with this kind of responsibility, and remembering the Getto people. He however said he was surprised to be appointed to the position, though he has been working underground for NRM.

He cited some of challenges faced by the youths living in Ghetto which include being seen as thugs, organizers of strikes among others. He said the Getto people are thankful to President Museveni for the appointment.

“I will use this chance to advocate for economic prosperity and development among the ghetto people and I know many people will ask why President Museveni gave me this great responsibility on the matter concerning the people living in Ghetto,”he said.



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