That was just a Sample, Much more is yet to Come -Singer Rema’s ‘Doctor’ brags about Lavish “Kukyaala” Ceremony

Hamza Sebunya and Rema pose for a photo at Kukyaala

By Pato Patrick’s Ssentongo

On Independence Day, singer Rema Namakula of the Siri Muyembe fame introduced her new man, Dr Hamza Sebunnya to her family in a “kukyaala” ceremony that took social media by storm making Ugandans almost forget it was Independence Day.

Kukyaala is normally a mini celebration with a little or no pomp. But, it wasn’t the case for Rema as the event was marred up by pomp, music, many guests, music & a lot of fun that fans & social media in-laws wondering what the couple will do at their introduction ceremony slated for 14th  November 2019.

Remas family had invited several guests ranging from family members to Kampala top tycoons. Rema ‘dressed to kill’ in all the segments of the day as she wore a maroon gomesi on arrival, and crowned the party with a green dinner dress.

“Iam sure that all of you wherever you will go, you will appreciate what we have done today, but this is just a sample.” Dr Hamza Sebunnya said the moment he was given a chance to speak at the event. “We were just testing the microphone, but on 14th November it will be bigger & better” He added as if he was telling haters; “watch out! the best is yet to come to Rema.”

All the best To you Rema & Hamza . The ‘SEBUNYAS.’

Gorgeous Rema entering the venue


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