Court gives Lusanja Land Residents 30 Days to Leave

President Yoweri Museveni had ordered Justice Catherine Bamugemereire to investigate the matter; File Photo

The civil Division of the High Court has given residents of Lusanja contested land 30 days to vacate the area after ruling that businessman Medard Kiconco is the lawful owner of the land.

High Court judge, Justice Tadeo Asiimwe delivered the ruling on Friday that block 206, plot 271 Kyadondo, belongs to Kiconco and ordered that 127 residents who were evicted from the land located on Mpererwe-Kiteezi Road to vacate.

A sombre mood engulfed the court room which was filled to capacity by the affected residents when the judge made the final ruling. One of the residents identified as Juma, a boda boda rider fainted in court on hearing the ruling.

Court observed that the 127 residents bought the disputed land from the wrong person and therefore trespassed on kiconco’s land who is the registered owner having purchased it authentically from Paul Katabazi Bitabareho in 2016.



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