We shall never Hand-over Any Ugandan to ICC –Museveni

President Museveni; File Photo

President Museveni has said the NRM government will never hand-over any Ugandan to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because there is no value in doing so.

President Museveni’s remarks are contained in his response to the US sanctions slapped against the former Inspector of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura, communicated on social media on Sunday.

The US government through the Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence two weeks ago announced visa and economic sanctions against Gen. Kale Kayihura for using corruption and bribery to strengthen his political position, as units under his command committed serious human rights abuses.

Kayihura is also accused of smuggling gold and wildlife.

The sanctions bar Gen. Kale Kayihura from travelling to the US, and attach property Kayihura owns in the US, or owned by his immediate family members.   

In his statement, Museveni said Kayihura or any other Ugandan suspected to have made mistakes will always be handled in Uganda, and his government shall never hand-over any Ugandan to a foreign Court including the ICC.

“Kale is already facing whatever mistakes he committed in our courts. What value is, then, there from external actors?” Museveni queried.

As if to say foreign actors should not dictate on domestic affairs, Museveni cited several examples where foreign government had tried to direct his government, but their directions were defied.

He said some of Western countries tried to dictate the UPDF soldiers to be selected for training courses in their countries, but the government of Uganda rejected such directives by stopping training in those countries.

He said whenever there is training for soldiers, foreign countries can contribute on a manner acceptable to Uganda.

He however said it would be treason and disappointing if Gen. Kayihura had investments in the USA when Uganda needs investors. He said he (President Museveni) doesn’t have, and will never own a single investment outside Uganda, though he would consider investing in African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, or Rwanda but not in non-African countries.

President Museveni said it is inexcusable that at a time when Africa is struggling to stand up with deficits in many areas, for African to transfer money to the west. He said the last time he owned a bank account outside Africa was in 1985, and the funds were a donation to NRM. 



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