Courts adjourn Business in Memory of Ben. Kiwanuka

Portrait of Ben Kiwanuka; File

Courts of Judicature in Uganda will adjourn all business on Friday in memory of Benedicto Kiwanuka.

According to the chief registrar of the judiciary Ms Esta Nambayo, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has granted permission to all courts of law to officially adjourn all matters for that day to enable “the learned friends” to participate in a memorial lecture organized in respect of Ben Kiwanuka.

The event will be held at the High Court grounds near constitutional Square in Kampala and it will run under the theme “The quest for Justice and Rule of Law.” The High Court in Kampala doubles as the Headquarters of the Judiciary.

Benedicto Kiwanuka, also known as Ben Kiwanuka was the first prime minister of Uganda and former Chief Justice, was murdered by Idi Amin’s regime in 1972.

Kiwanuka was picked from his chambers in 1972 by President Idi Amin’s men and to date his whereabouts are unknown.

The President of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Museveni is expected to be the chief guest at the this years event, and former Chief Justice of Kenya Willy Mutunga will be the guest speaker at the event.



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