Singer Winnie Nwagi Defies Lokodo Again, risks Heavy Punishment

Singer Winnie Nwagi

Artiste Winnie Nwagi risks a heavy punishment following the comments she made during an interview with a local television in regard to the erotic behavior she continues to exhibit in most of her music shows despite condemnation from a section of the the public.

In an interview with Spark TV, Nwagi said she is not ready to change her dance style that landed her into problems with the pornography committee recently following a music show at St. Marys College Kisubi when she left young boys “inflamed” and left them pocketing.

Nwagi says that is her dance style and she is not ready to change it.

“I am not a robot. It is my dance style and I am not ready to change it because of some people” Nwagi said.

Nwagi was last month summoned before the pornography committee after a video went viral on social media showing herself and dancers erotically dancing with school boys of St. Mary’s College Kisubi during a dance show at the school.

The committee accused he for indecent exposure, forced her to apologize and sign an agreement never to do it again lest she face harsh penalties.

Chaired by Dr. Annete Kezabu, the pornography committee was constituted by the minister for Ethics and Integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo to prevail over acts of indecency and prevent spread of pornographic material.



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