We Sacrificed for this Country, If you Don’t Want to hear it, Go and hang – Gen. Tumwine

Gen. Elly Tumwine before the Rules Committee of Parliament

Gen. Elly Tumwine has told the parliamentary committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline that the allegations of misconduct and contempt of parliament put against him are irrelevant, outrageous and meant to injure the reputation of UPDF.

Appearing before the committee today, Gen. Tumwine said Hon Cecilia Ogwal and Hon. Atikins Katusabe told lies to the committee when they accused him of threatening them to the extent of pulling a gun at them.

During presentation of evidence to the committee last week, Dokolo Woman MP Hon. Cecilia Ogwal alleged that during a meeting of MPs in the 7th Parliament convened in the speakers dining hall, Gen. Tumwine pulled a gun at her after she expressed opposing opinions to use of DDT in Uganda.

Gen. Tumwine challenged his accusers to prove that he had a gun as alleged. He said he has been severally misrepresented, and the allegations against him are a deliberate plan to injure his integrity and that of UPDF which has had a proven and tested record of respecting wanainchi.

“To say I pulled a gun at you is outrageous. I have been carrying a gun for many years and I know when and how to use it. I have never brought a gun in parliament and that’s why I told her she is a liar and she should repent it because if she doesn’t, she will go to hell” said Gen. Tumwine.

Gen. Tumwine who today seemed ready to take on every other allegation against him said through the media he has been maligned, and there is a malicious attempt to tarnish the name of people who immensely sacrificed for the peace and stability Ugandans enjoy today.

“The officers and men of the UPDF serve this country at great personal sacrifice and therefore, careless allegations against theses gallant Ugandans should not be taken lightly. When we say we have sacrificed, it is a fact; whether you like it or not, you can go and hang, because it is a fact” said Gen. Tumwine.

In his submissions to the committee last week, Hon. Katusabe alleged that Gen. Tumwine belittled the speaker and the institution of parliament when he asked who the Speaker is.

“I have never belittled the Speaker. This is a deliberate attempt to injure my reputation. I cannot ask who the speaker is; I have worked with her and I know who she is, I know the roles of parliament because I have been in Parliament for a period longer than them” he added.

Gen. Tumwine insists that his words have been misrepresented and what has been presented by his accusers are outright lies, and irrelevant claims since they relate to private conversations that did not require to be brought to a committee of parliament.



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