President Museveni concludes OWC tour of Rwenzori, Warns Locals against Eating Apes


President Yoweri Museveni has concluded a three-month countrywide sensitisation campaign on wealth and job creation with a public rally in Bundibugyo District, Rwenzori Sub-Region in Western Uganda. At his concluding rally today held at Kasubba Sub-County Headquarters, Museveni called on locals to wake up and kick out poverty from their homes by embracing a money economy that suits modern-day life styles. 

The President urged communities throughout his just concluded tour that his aim was fighting for the poor who for long have lived in economic darkness because of lack of leaders to mobilize them to wake up and work to banish poverty.

The President told the rally in Bundibugyo that he was impressed with the people of the area for being focused in development. 

“You have greatly advanced in agricultural development; growing coffee, cocoa, palm oil trees to sustain economic development of your families,” he said. He used the occasion to advise residents in the district to construct residential housing structures out of bricks not mud and wattle though the houses are roofed with corrugated iron sheets.

He also thanked them for the tremendous support for the NRM governance by their overwhelming vote in the 2016 general elections. 

“I have come here to thank you for voting well. I commend you people of Bundibungyo for you are focused politically. Your mature and responsible voting has made the area peaceful contrary to the neighbouring DRC.”

He added.He encouraged Bundibugyo District communities that in addition to growing highly productivity crops along the four-acre plan that includes coffee, fruits, dairy cows, poultry, piggery they should at the same time expand vanilla cultivation because the product has gained global market demand.

President Museveni however warned people on consumption of apes’ flesh saying it is the root cause of the Ebola outbreak in the area.

“To curb further spread of Ebola, he added, people should avoid handshake till the disease is eradicated”, he said.

Bundibugyo District LC 5 Chairman, Mr. Mutegeki Ronald, said that the district has been peaceful and stable. He thanked the Movement Government for supporting the district in terms of development programs. 

He, however, revealed that the area is facing acute famine following the collapse of seven bridges. He appreciated government effort of rendering food relief through the Office of Prime Minister but called for more supplies.



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