They call me a ‘Fool’ Because I refused to Steal -Kadaga


The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebbeca Kadaga has said that she is regarded as a fool just because She refused to steal using her position and office.

The Speaker made the remarks during the launch of a Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Integrity today in Parliament.

Speaking at the function, the speaker decried total neglect of national values that has resulted into massive corruption in government, saying that the standard of morals in the country has deteriorated to a level where society praises thieves, while government officials who refuse to steal are simply regarded to as fools.

She said that because she believes in honesty, people who have spent a few years in government offices have managed to acquire more wealth than she has.

“Actually, if you don’t steal in this country you are a fool. You know, i have been working for a few years, but i think the property i have is probably one eighth of what other people have who have worked for two years in this country, have. Yes, it is real! So i am one of the fools” Kadaga said.

Kadaga challenged members of parliament in all aspects of the national ethical values including patriotism, integrity and honesty.

She implored members of parliament to set an example of a value-based society, and questioned the practice of some MP’s who come to parliament, sign for allowances and just walk out without sitting in the house.

“You come and check into the house by signing and not even enter the chambers. You put in ‘ekinkumu’ (thumbprint), go to committees sign, and leave that one for another workshop somewhere and sign again. All that is corruption” Kadaga said.

According to the Chairperson of the forum Hon. James Nsababutuuro, objective of the forum is to rally MPs to create awareness on the breakdown of morals and the value system, and the dangers the country is likely to face if the question of morals is not addressed.

Nsababutuuro attributed the high levels of crime in Uganda including child sacrifice, corruption and murders to the deteriorating moral decadence in the society which he said cannot be ignored.




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