Constitutional Court did not legalize Smoking Weed -Judiciary clarifies


The Judiciary said use of Marijuana remains illegal in Uganda contrary to media reports indicating that the Constitutional Court had legalized use of Weed.

This follows a Constitutional Court ruling in petition number 001 of 2017 delivered on May 5, 2023 nulifying the Narcotic Drugs and Psycotropic substances (control) Act that sets control of drugs including Marijuana and Chata Edulis commonly known as Miira or Mairungi.

The grounds for the ruling include lack of qorum during the passing of the Bill by parliament.

The ruling was welcomed by sections of the public including Marijuana growers and smokers.

In a statement issued today, judiciary spokesman Jameson Karemani, the nulification does not invalidate sections 26, 29, 47, 49 and 60 (1) (b) and (c) of National Drug Policy and Authority Act which is now the applicable law in regard to regulation and use of restricted substances.

Mr. Karemani says; “Therefore, the substances restricted under the National Drug Policy and Authority Act remains restricted”

He however adds that parliament still reserves the power to legislate on the same matter should it find it necessary.



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