Cabinet approves Gov’t proposal to build own Satellite Station

Cabinet approves proposal to invest in space science program; Courtesy Photo

The Ugandan government is determined to invest in multi-billion space programs following a cabinet resolution to build a Satellite station in Uganda

Cabinet sitting on March 22nd 2021 at State House Entebbe approved a proposal to build a satellite station in Uganda with an objective of developing Uganda’s space capabilities in a well coordinated and harmonized manner.

According to a brief from the meeting, the move will help the country to leverage Space Science and Technology for sustainable development with several benefits including increased evidence-based technology information for planning purposes.

The country will also achieve improved space science and technology infrastructure to support research for industrial development as well as improved defense and security which will facilitate cross-border monitoring and surveillance.

The decision according to the brief will also pave way for increased private sector investment in space science, technology research and innovation which will in the end enhance Foreign Direct Investment and collaboration.

According to Basil Ajil, the Director Technopreneurship at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Uganda’s multi billion space program will culminate into the launch of her own satellite in space a step already achieved by Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Uganda currently relies on Netherlands for meteorological data and space-related services which puts the country’s interests at high risk. The ministry says reliance on other countries for space science is also costly and involves biological consequences on the well-being of citizens.

Uganda’s space program started several years ago under a phased approach starting with training of personnel worth $200million annually in collaboration with developed countries like Russia, Japan, Israel and Egypt.

The program is also meant to support other programs in Agriculture, weather monitoring and others.



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