Police ordered to step up enforcement of COVID-19 prevention directives

Uganda Police personnel conducting night operations against curfew offenders; Courtesy Photo

Uganda Police has been directed to step up enforcement operations against offenders of government directives in prevention of coronavirus spread in the country.

In the internal circular issued this week and circulated to all police officers across the country, AIGP Edward Ochom  directed all police personnel to fully enforce the law against members of the public found violating COVID-19 prevention guidelines in order to curtail the surging number of coronavirus infections in the country.

The circular was addressed to Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, all Regional Police Commanders, all District Police Commanders, all stations and all police posts.

Among the directives, Police has been directed to enforce wearing of masks while in public places, Boda Bodas, Private cars and all other places that create a fertile ground for coronavirus spread.

The curfew time of 9:00 PM up to 5:30AM, Boda boda operation time of not beyond 6:00PM are specific directives that must be enforced without excuses.

The police officers on duty have been directed not to entertain exceptions during enforcement of COVID-19 prevention guidelines and that serious action will be taken against errant commanders or officers who neglect the directive.

The officers on duty however have been told to always endeavor to get evidence of such incidents (violations) by capturing both video and photographic evidence to ease investigation and prosecution of offenders.

The directive comes at the heels of a presidential directive to police to arrest politicians found gathering people contrary to the Ministry of Health guidelines in prevention of coronavirus disease spread.

President Museveni said politicians must not use the excuse of key government officials who have been cited in acts that put Ugandans at the risk of contracting coronavirus because those were mistakes which should not be repeated.

“In the past, the politicians e.g (Hons. Ruth Aceng, Anite, etc.) were pleading that people were gathering against their will, therefore regarding politicians that have been gathering people contrary to the guidelines, my order to the IGP of police is now out” Museveni said.

“Do not put yourself in a situation where People gather around you. If you do, we
shall arrest you” He said.



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