COVID-19 UGANDA: Mufti Mubajje guides on Muslim Ramadhan under lockdown

GUIDED: H.E Mufti Ramadhan Mubajje; Courtesy Photo

The Muslim month of fasting (Ramadhan) will start tomorrow if the new moon is sighted today.

The Mufti of Uganda His Eminence Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje said the Muslims should be on the look-out and if the new moon is sighted today, they will start fasting tomorrow Thursday.

Mufti Mubajje however said if the moon is not sighted today, then fasting will start on Friday.

He however expressed concern over availability of food to break the fast saying it will not be possible this time to have fasting Muslims break the fast at Mosques as it has been the practice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We appeal to government, International organizations and individuals to donate food to help the needy especially those that are vulnerable. Help the needy and share whatever little you have during this challenging moment” He said.

He appealed to Muslims to observe all prayers and taraweeh during the fasting season and to always cite Koran praying to Allah to help them through the tough times of coronavirus.

Mufti Mbajje also asked government to allow those who have something to share with neighbors to do so owing to the prevailing situation.

Under the religious umbrella Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), Mubajje said donations towards vulnerable Ugandans can be taken to their stores in Nakawa, from where it will be distributed to all districts of Uganda to help not only Muslims but all other people in need.

He however noted that not only Muslims should be given relief food during Ramadhan, but also Christians and others who are vulnerable. He however appealed to family heads to desist from violence which has been reported during the lockdown.

Regional and District Khadis and Imams have been directed to step up efforts to stop spread of coronavirus through sensitizing communities on prevention measures, but also preach compassion in families and communities.



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