Catherine Kusasira hospitalized after bathroom accident

Hospitalized; Singer Catherine Kusasira; File Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

Local singer Catherine Kusasira Seruga is nursing injuries after she slid and fell, hit her head and back hard on the floor in the bathroom on Wednesday night.

The incident reportedly happened at around 10 PM after she had a shower, but the close family relatives decided to keep the matter away from the media.

Apparently as she was coming out of the bathroom, she fell flat and wide on her back and collapsed for atleast five minutes before she gained her consciousness and later called for help when she couldn’t support herself on her feet.

She was then reportedly supported into a vehicle and quickly rushed to the nearby hospital where she is currently receiving treatment. Apparently she’s recovering quite well and she is very thankful to God that she’ is still alive though she still feels some pain in her chest, back and some abdominal parts.

“I thank God for my life even when am still down. it’s because of his grace that am still alive because many people who slide off in bathrooms get blood clots in the brain that lead to their immediate death but am still here.” Catherine kusasira said in a video circulating online.

Let’s join hands  and wish her a quick recovery.



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