Uganda is not for experiments with Leadership –Mike Mukula again hints on Museveni succession

Capt. Mike Mukula: File Photo

NRM National Vice Chairperson for Eastern region Capt. Mike Mukula has said Uganda is not a venue for experiments with security and national leadership, owing to its political history characterized by economic breakdown, murders and social strife.

Mukula says Ugandans can never again entrust their destiny to inexperienced leaders since this could lead to turmoil and colossal loss of human life.

The flamboyant politician and businessman posted this strong message on his social media page today.

“Uganda is not a country where you make experiments with security and leadership at the national level. We have suffered several years; political and economic setbacks with colossal loss of human life. NEVER AGAIN” Capt. Mukula posted on twitter.

He however did not state exactly who this strong message was directed to, but it comes out after another senior politician John Nagenda openly opposed any plans for NRM to have President Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Keinerugaba succeed his father as the party’s choice for president in case a crisis arose making the incumbent unavailable anymore.

Mukula’s statement reiterates his position in 2011, when he warned President Museveni not to impose his son on the NRM and Uganda. At that time, the debate on Museveni’s succession had took center stage in parliament and NRM party caucus.

“My position was that, if he (Museveni) wants to bring his son into the picture, lots of things have to be weighed especially the implications,” he said, “Obviously it should not be an adulterated political process because this is not a kingdom.” Mukula was quoted by Daily Monitor.

In his weekly column “One Man’s Week” in Saturday Vision, Mr. John Nagenda said whereas Muhoozi has a constitutional right to contest for presidency, he lacks the leadership experience to steer Uganda forward. Nagenda said he would not vote for Muhoozi as president in case he opts to stand. A 45 year-old military officer, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba is yet to declare intentions to stand as president.

In the same column however, Nagenda praised president Museveni as one that deserves to win the forthcoming general elections with even more convincing margins than before owing to the “unpreparedness” in Musevenis opponents’ camps.



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