Coco Finger opens Up on how he Survived shattering his Genitals

Survived; Artiste Coco Finger aka Moses Okori: File Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

C.E.O Mafia Generation Music Moses Okori a.k.a Coco Finger has shared with his fans his worst experience since he hit the limelight in the music industry.

Coco Finger, who is widely remembered for hit jams like “My miss” opened up about his worst experience in a Q & A session on his Facebook page.

The self -proclaimed “Dancehall rapid-fire chatting machine, and powerful melodic artist” disclosed that he will live to forget the day he stormed a weak stage with full force and ended up breaking it.

In the due process, he almost got his genitals shattered and since then he learnt a lesson of not storming stages with too much force.



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