13 NGO’s Under Probe for Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering


Several NGO’s in Uganda are under probe for possible cases of money laundering, and Financing Terrorism.

According to a letter signed by the Executive Director Financial Intelligence Authority Sydney Asubo copied to the Money laundering Control Officer Ms Sarah Nakkazi Kiwanuka, 13 NGO’s are under probe.

The letter dated 08th Aug 2019 which sabasabaupdates has seen, requires the Managing Director Equity bank to avail the authority with Account Opening documents of the NGO’s, their bank statements for the last three years, and any other information available linked to the listed NGO’s.

13 NGO’s under probe.

  1. Action Aid International Uganda.
  2. Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda.
  3. Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda.
  4. National NGO Forum.
  5. Human Rights Network Uganda.
  6. National Democratic Institute.
  7. Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies.
  8. Foundation for Human Rights Initiative.
  9. Democratic Governance Facility.
  10. Kick Corruption Out of Uganda.
  11. National Association of Professional Environmentalists
  12. African Institute for Energy Governance.

However, Crysin Kaheru the Coordinator Citizen Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) says the probe should not raise any alarm since the authority executing its mandate.

The Financial Management Authority was established under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2013, for the prohibition and prevention of money laundering, in order to combat money laundering activities.



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