UNRA commences issuance of Toll cards for Kampala – Entebbe Expressway


Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has commenced issuance of Toll cards to prospective users of Kampala – Entebbe Expressway ahead of Saturday 8th January 2022 official launch of tolling operations on the road.

According to UNRA Kampala regional manager, Engineer Julius Musinguzi, the Upesi Toll cards which are issued free of charge are available at UNRA Toll plazas/stations in Busega, Kajjansi and Mpala.

The Kampala – Entebbe Expressway is a four-lane 26.5KM toll Expressway under UNRA linking Entebbe International Airport and Uganda’s capital Kampala.

The electronic cards will be issued to motorists for free but will be required to load it with a minimum amount of money ranging from UGX2000 to UGX324,000 depending on the motorist’s preffered plan of usage.

For one to acquire an electronic toll card, he or she is required to get a username evidenced by a driving permit, a national ID and a phone number. However, if the card is stolen or damaged, one will be required to pay UGX20,000 for it’s replacement.

According to UNRA’s pre-payment plan, motorists will be at liberty to choose between Easy Pass Card, Weekly Pass Card, or Monthly Pass Card. However, the weekly and monthly categories have also been further clustered into four classes of vehicles; Class 1, 2, 3 and 4.

For motorists who prefer a Weekly Pass plan; Class 1 vehicles will load up to UGX21,000, Class 2 UGX35,000 Class 3 UGX70,000 Class 4 UGX105,000 and 126,000 for large good vehicles with 6 or more axles.

For motorists who prefer a Monthly Pass plan; Class 1 vehicles will load up to UGX54,000 Class 2 UGX90,000 Class 3 UGX180,000 Class 4 UGX270,000, and UGX324,000 for large good vehicles with 6 or more axles.

Under the rates that were gazetted by Works and Transport minister Gen Katumba Wamala in October 2021, Class 1 vehicles which include motorcycles above 400cc (not bodabodas) will pay UGX3000, Class 2 vehicles will pay UGX5000, Class 3 medium good vehicles 2-3 axles UGX10,000, Class 4 large goods vehicles and buses 4-5 axlea UGX15,000, while large good vehicles or more axles will UGX8,000.

A passenger commuter going through the toll gate along one of the stations along Kampala – Entebbe Expressway; Courtesy Photo.

A contractor, Egis, will oversee toll operations on Entebbe Expressway and provide road safety managent services including 24-hour patrols, incident reponse, fire truck services, Ambulance services and free towing services.

UNRA also noted that motorists will continue to use Entebbe Expressway as usual and the cards will be activated on Saturday 8th January 2022 when tolling operations will kick off.



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