Row over Kenneth Kaunda’s burial site erupts, Family runs to Court

Fallen independence hero and former Zambia president Kenneth Kaunda; Courtesy Photo

Former Zambia’s president Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s son, Kaweche and his siblings have dragged government to court over the decision by Cabinet Office to bury Dr Kaunda’s remains at Embassy Park.

Represented by Simeza, Sangwa and Associates, Kaweche and his siblings have cited the Secretary to the Cabinet as the respondent in his application for leave to commence Judicial Review proceedings.

They are seeking a declaration that government’s decision that Dr Kaunda’s remains be surrendered to the family.

Kaweche contends that the decision made by Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti to bury Dr Kaunda’s remains and thereafter be exhumed and reburied next to Dr Kaunda’s wife Betty in State Lodge in accordance with the wishes of Dr Kaunda is null and void for want of authority on the part of Dr Miti.

Kaunda, who died last month aged 97, governed Zambia for 27 years and was instrumental in the liberation of southern African countries from colonialism.

The family is seeking an order from the High Court to quash Dr Miti’s decision.

They also also seeking order to release Dr Kaunda’s remains to the family to be buried in accordance with his wishes.

Kaweche is also seeking an urgent hearing of the application and hoping that Leave to apply for judicial review is granted which should operate as a stay of the decision to which the application is made.

For weeks Kaunda’s body was taken around the country so that the public could pay their last respects.

The burial on Wednesday, a scaled-down affair, ends a 21-day period of national mourning.



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