President Museveni issues tough, revised COVID-19 Prevention Directives


President Museveni has announced revised directives in prevention of COVID-19 introducing tough measures including a freeze on public and private transport, cross-district movement as well as a shutdown of trade business in Kampala City.

Museveni said, the earlier directives were violated with taxis and boda-bodas taking passengers at district boundaries where they are picked by other taxis thereby undermining the intended purpose of the directive. He said it must stop because the virus is transported by human beings.

“Therefore, all cross boundary movement by public transport has been suspended for another 42 days starting tonight.” He said.

However all cargo trucks and pickups can move across borders with only two people. Boda-bodas, public and private vehicles will only be allowed to transport patients on approval by local authorities.

Boda Boda’s are also limited to carrying cargo but not passengers during the 42-days period.

Arrangements should be done by the ministry of health to ensure COVID-19 patients across all districts can be safely evacuated to health facilities at their own cost.

Tourists will be allowed to move in registered vehicles.

Workers in essential sectors like health workers, utility providers and others will be allowed to move.

Night curfew has been pulled back from 9PM to 7PM up to 5:30AM. 19HRS. Boda-boda’s will now be allowed to move up to 7PM.

Education institutions will continue to be closed for the next 42 days from today.

Entebbe International Airport remains open but with strict measures to stop entry of new variants.

Land borders remain open but cargo trucks should not stop but drivers must take COVID-19 tests at border points. Clarity will be made on returnees and those wishing to travel outside the country.

Food market vendors should revert to the Presidential Directive of March 2020 to stay in their places of work and will no longer go home. MOH will provide them with mosquito nets but they should not share rooms.

Kikuubo and other business centers in the city center will be closed for the next 42 days.

Burials to be restricted to the core family. No excuses to travel for burials.

KCCA URA and LG authorities should seal off Bars, Discos and cancel licenses for those that will be found open.

Factories and construction sites should remain open but where possible workers should be housed on site. Where it is not possible, measures should be taken to prevent spread of coronavirus.

All worship places and sports events should remain close for the next 42 days.

Retail shops will remain open since they don’t encourage crowding.

The Prime Minister and minister of Gender and welfare have been directed to quickly assess what vulnerable groups need help so that government can offer support during the shutdown.

The measures take immediate effect.



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