Newly-elected politicians cautioned against fraudsters and extortionists

Hon Okot Boniface Henry is took oath as Youth MP. Police cautioned new MPs like Henry are potential targets of fraudsters; Courtesy Photo

Newly-elected politicians currently undergoing the process to takeover offices of leadership have been cautioned against fraudsters waiting to lure them into financial deals and leave them living like paupers.

In a statement, Uganda police says the newly-elected politicians are potential targets of fraudsters who will use all sorts of tactics to lure them into seemingly attractive financial deals. The statement comes at a time when parliament and local governments are swearing in new leaders following a successful general election in January this year.

“As we congratulate the successful politicians swearing this week, we would like to inform them that due to their status, they are potential target for fraudsters, loan sharks and money lenders, who will attempt to use all sorts of tactics to lure them as VIPs into financial deals that appear too attractive. Others will use aggressive tactics, to extort money out of them.” a statement from Police spokesperson Fred Enanga reads in part.

The caution in the police statement rings an alarm similar to what the out-going speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga made a few weeks ago warning in-coming legislators against loans from commercial banks and money lenders. Kadaga said the legislators should not be lured to acquire quick loans and later find themselves entrapped in huge debts.

Severally, politicians are enticed to acquire huge loans immediately after taking offices expecting to pay back from privileges that come with office responsibility only to be disappointed. Some end up in prison while others become paupers after expiry of their term of office.

“We therefore, call upon them to be very vigilant and follow their instincts when they come across such attempts by greedy and despicable individuals. The police and sister security agencies shall respond appropriately when any reports of fraud are brought to its attention.” Enanga said.



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