UGANDA: Parliament pays special tribute to Tanzania’s fallen leader JP Magufuli


Parliament of the Republic of Uganda today paid special tribute to Dr John Pombe Joseph Magufuli the former president of the United Republic of Tanzania.

The resolution followed the motion moved by Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, which was seconded by the Leader of opposition Hon Betty Achan, in respect for Magufuli’s “dedicated service” to the people of Tanzania and the East African region.

Accoding to Tanzanian authorities, Magufuli succumbed to heart complications on Wednesday last week and he will be buried today in his home region of Chato.

In his motion, Prime Minister Rugunda noted that Dr. Magufuli was a diligent leader who with dedication and patriotism contributed to the economic, social and political transformation of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Parliament also recognized the fallen leader as one who was instrumental in widening and deepening co-operation among the Partner States of the East African Community for mutual benefit and encouraged projects that brought the people of the East Africa together including fast tracking the implementation of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway linking various East African Community Countries.

“in the last five years, H.E Magufuli has achieved global recognition for his vision, ethical standards and innovative solutions for Tanzania, including formulating policies for the restoration of discipline among public servants, the control of government expenditure and ensuring value for money in all state-funded projects, establishment of special anti-corruption court and the dismissal of many corrupt public officials, control and protection of natural resources, the cost-cutting measures that saw a reduction in foreign trips for government officials, and reduction of Tanzania’s dependence on foreign aid.

During his 5 year tenure as president, Magufuli is also credited for increased access to electricity by the population in Tanzania which has resulted in the connectivity of about 80% of all Tanzanian villages and 72% of all urban areas to the national grid, and the introduction of free education in all government-run primary and secondary schools.

“Cognizant that H.E Magufuli made, as a central pillar of his administration, the fight against corruption, tribalism, greed, laziness, poor service delivery and wastage of government resources and redefined the role of the public service, by inculcating hard work and service delivery as a tool for social economic transformation, with the motto of “”Hapa Kazi Tu,” which translates as “work only”, now therefore be it resolved as follows:

1. That Parliament of Uganda collectively conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved family, the People of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Chama Cha Mapinduzi party for the loss of a distinguished leader and son of the United Republic of Tanzania;

2. That Parliament of Uganda takes cognizance of the dedicated service and contribution rendered by H.E Dr. Pombe John Joseph Magufuli towards the economic transformation of the United Republic of Tanzania and the East African region.” Dr Rugunda stated.

LOP Betty Achan eulogized Magufuli as a great leader who developed infrastructure like roads, railway and electricity access.

Hon Hamson Obua referred to the late Magufuli as a Pan Africanist who believed in African solutions to African problems. He noted that it is sad that good people die fast.



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