Going to Court is Good but not Enough -Besigye tells Bobi Wine

Dr Kiiza Besigye speaking during a press conference in Kampala on Friday; Courtesy Photo

FDC strongman and “People’s Government” president Dr Kiiza Besigye has said petitioning the Supreme Court in Uganda is not a bad idea, but it cannot deliver the change of government the opposition craves for.

Besigye made the remarks during a press conference at his office on Katonga Road in Kampala, following the conclusion of an election process which saw the incumbent president Museveni win a sixth term in office.

On Monday, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine petitioned the Supreme Court, seeking annulment of the results of the 14th January presidential election in which he came second. Dr Besigye said much as he supports Bobi’s petition, Bobi should not expect annulment of the result considering past precedents in which he was party.

“I hear people saying those who are going to court are wasting their time; I am not of that view! ..In the courts, we can achieve something though it may not be the ultimate goal… let’s not weaken those who are going to court, but lets not think that going to court alone can help us” Besigye said. He noted that Bobi and NUP should not forget that the judges are appointed by President Museveni.

Flanked by FDC president and Former presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and other opposition leaders, Besigye said now that elections are over, it is time for opposition leaders to put aside their political differences and join his “Plan B” which he said will deliver change.

Besigye said the 2021 election eliminated all doubts that anyone can a compete and win against Museveni, a fact he realized years before the 2021 election. As if he was referring to Bobi Wine, Besigye said he knew the outcome and it is a reason he didn’t stand for presidency.

“I think The 2021 election has confirmed to those who who were not convinced that what we have is a military Junta that organizes elections to smear some legitimacy on themselves… and that is a huge problem which sometimes people don’t appreciate…. and some of our people who had not seen what we had gone through, thought it was easy to push aside. It’s a huge problem” Dr Besigye said.

“It was not a casually made conclusion that an election in and itself will not remove gun rule but we as citizens need to do more” he said. He said it is time to organize and rally people to “action geared at reclaiming their rights” He added.

He also hit at Bobi’s diplomatic approach to politics which he said cannot work within the current political circumstances in Uganda.

“I today saw that EU ambassadors are going to visit Kyagulanyi; it is not time to visit. Its time for action” he said. He said PG is currently talking to International community to join in the struggle.

He however said what is lacking in the opposition is the “commonality of purpose” to bring change, saying there is no valid reason why Erias Lukwago should have contested against the opposition candidate for the Mayorship of Kampala.

“Even as others go to court, the judges must see that its not business as usual…” he said.



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