Elections will be Peaceful -Museveni assures Ugandans

Tribal talk is nonsense and a diversion from important issues -President Museveni; Online Photo

President Yoweri Museveni has said Uganda’s general election next year will be peaceful, vowing that that whoever attempts to disrupt the process will fail.

Museveni made the declaration during the National Thanksgiving and Prayer events held in State House in Entebbe on Friday, as the political environment in Ugandan heats up ahead of general elections due next month.

Museveni, who is seeking re-election as president on the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket, has vehemently underlined that the election will be peaceful saying “that is what we fought for”

“Nobody is going to disturb our elections. Anybody who will try will fail. Let everyone follow the law, then there will be peace,” he said on Friday during the scientific event with a few invited guests in attendance. The event was televised and aired on media platforms.

The gathering laid the foundation for a timely call for a peaceful Uganda, especially at a time when the country is warming up for another general election.

Museveni agreed, saying he had took seriously the advice of the guest preacher at the service, Orombi, of inviting all political parties but he was quick to absolve himself, saying it was the organizers (IRCU) that should have invited “all shades” of the political system.

Museveni said the organizers should ensure that they extend an invitation to the opposition next time the prayers are held.

He however lashed out at the opposition whom he accused of instigating chaos citing the recent riots in which more that 50 people lost lives. He said their sinister plan with the help of foreigners, cannot succeed.

“Our elections will be peaceful, NOBODY is going to disrupt us. I have heard people here playing games with foreigners backing them. Well, I wish them luck but I can assure you, we shall not tolerate violence, we shall have peaceful elections” he said.

Earlier, Orombi said he believes a peaceful and inclusive election is possible in Uganda today, but only if all Ugandans place the love for their country – patriotism – ahead of their interests.



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