Distribution of study materials for learners under lockdown kicks off

Distriution of learning materials to learners in homes kicks off; (Photo of science book online)

The Ministry of Education and Sports has announced that delivery of study Materials to learners who will undertake studies at home due to coronavirus pandemic is underway.

In a letter issued on Friday, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Mr. Alex Kakooza requested RDCs and District Chief Administrative Officers to use their district administrative structures at sub-county, parish, and village levels to locate the learners and establish their classes so that the relevant materials are delivered to their respective homes.

The distribution of materials according to Mr. Kakooza is guided by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) population data, to ascertain the number of children and their age in each district and sub-county.

Delivery forms are issued for acknowledgment of receipt of the study materials at each level from district to LC1.

The PS said District Education Officers and education department at districts are expected to support the process.

Education and Sports minister Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni last week said learning materials developed will also be delivered over radios and TVs focusing mainly on primary and secondary level.

The lessons according to the Mrs. Museveni will address basic concepts which learners have already covered, and purposefully designed to ensure consolidation of concepts already learned as a basis of further learning when schools re-open.

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RDCs and CAOs are also asked to ensure that places in their respective districts which are not covered by UBC radio and TV, and where learners may not be able to access lesson broadcasts are given priority in distribution of materials.



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