COVID-19 Uganda: Education Ministry rolls out materials to facilitate home learning during lockdown

Education Minister Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni; Courtesy Photo

The Ministry of Education has developed learning materials to facilitate learners with basic education concepts during the lockdown.

During a nation address on Monday, the minister of education Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni said reopening of schools which was expected to be on 27th April, and 2nd May 2020 will not be possible owing to the prevailing circumstances in the country.

Mrs. Museveni said for continuity of learning under lockdown, the ministry of education has developed a framework to guide the process of continuity of learning, and identified the basic competences of concepts to study, and harmonized learning materials to facilitate learning at home.

The learning materials developed will be delivered over radios and TVs focusing mainly on primary and secondary level. She said this has started Monday, 20th 2020.

The lessons according to the minister will address basic concepts which learners have already covered, and purposefully designed to ensure consolidation of concepts already learned as a basis of further learning when schools re-open.

Learners will also receive pre-recorded lessons while others will access them online.

The ministry of education will hand the materials to the districts from where they will be rolled over to sub-counties, then to parishes and to individual homes. Leadership of local governments especially RDC’s and CAO’s will be facilitated to monitor and ensure distribution of the materials to homes.

Minister Kataha Museveni said she expects the materials sent out, to reach learners in homes especially those in families that do not access internet or TV. She said the materials will be a great resource to learners even when schools reopen.

However, pre-primary and lower primary learners, learning will be home-based; teaching them through play, writing, songs, counting, language etc.

As for higher institutions, learners were advised to engage in wide reading on social systems and innovations to widen their knowledge base. NCHE will work will universities to ensure continuity of learning, and the time lost will be redeemed once schools re-open.

Head teachers and heads of institutions have been instructed to facilitate teachers to prepare for resumption of learning to ensure redemption of time lost due to the pandemic.

Mrs. Museveni however said parents and immediate family members should take a central role in effecting the developed materials, and urged parents to give children life skills like cooking, business, art, sports, gardening, music and many others.

She also urged parents to counsel, guide and encourage children to wait for reopening of schools with enthusiasm.



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