Soroti man nabbed selling “COVID-19 cure”

Fraud; Man nabbed selling "COVID-19" cure

Police in Soroti has arrested a man who claims to have discovered a cure for COVID-19.

According to a message posted on Uganda Police social media site, Kungu Lazarus 24, Kungu, a self proclaimed mobile herbalist was arrested for duping the public that he had discovered local herb for curing COVID-19.

Police says Kungu was presenting a red liquid to patients at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital with an intent to extort money. Details of his case however were not divulged.

COVID-19 pandemic broke out in China at the end of 2019, and more than 1 million people have contracted the disease globally. No cure for COVID-19 has been discovered yet, despite the disease claiming more than 53,000 lives.



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