Is Pastor Bugingo’s Makula Pregnant?

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo introducing Susan Makula to Artiste Daniel Ekene during a Sunday service recently

By Bonny Mugalu

Word has already spread that Pastor Bugingo’s new catch – Susan Makula is pregnant.

Word from Salt Media has confirmed that Susan Makula, a damsel who stole Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s heart forcing him to abandon his married wife, could be pregnant. The two have been co-habiting for years, but not yet married officially.

Makula’s close associates have intimated that all indicators show that Pastor Bugingo might have scored a live seed. Sources indicate that for the last few weeks, Makula’s behaviour and dress code has suddenly changed, further confirming the suspicions.

It has been confirmed that Susan has suddenly adopted loose-fitting clothes, as opposed to tight fitting pants and apparel that reveal body shape, well known to have been her preferred wardrobe.

Sources also noted that Bugingo has relieved her of some duties including the late night program The Junction which she has been presenting for years on Salt TV, probably to allow her more time rest.

However, Pastor Bugingo looks to be happy about it and not bothered yet his followers seen not to approve his nocturnal behavior .

During a Sunday service at House of Prayer Ministries on 29th last month, Bugingo went ahead to call out Susan from the congregation to pose for a photograph on the pulpit with a guest artist, as if he wanted to prove something.

To Bugingo’s suprise, the gesture attracted murmurs from the congregation with sections of followers expressing disapproval of his acts.

In the picture we have published, Makula is seen well covered in traditional Busutti, and Bugingo caressing her belly. Well, they are adults, but the controversial pastor still has marital court case pending. lets watch the space.



  1. Bugingo should live his life. Despite disapproval s from the entire church. He will pay damages and costs.


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