Many Pupils being Sodomised by teachers in Kampala Schools – Lokodo

Minister Fr. Simon Lokodo; File

The Minister of state for Ethics and Integrity Rev. Fr. Simon Lokodo has said the rate at which both girls and boys are being sodomized in schools in Kampala City is alarming.

The minister said pupils are dying silently for fear of being expelled from schools.

This follows an incident where a teacher from King Fahad Islamic School located in Natete, Wakiso District sodomized a 5 year old boy. The case is being investigated by detectives attached to Katwe police station.

Lokodo says this behavior is rising in schools and that several teachers  are culprits in this vice which he said is prevalent in boarding schools.

Lokodo quoted police reports that indicate, over 672 children are either sodomized or defiled in schools.

He said due to the absence of tough Laws to apprehend such culprits has encouraged the spread of “these bad acts.”

Lokodo said that schools found to be implicated in acts of sodomy deserve to be closed since such acts destroys the future of the children.

He says boy below 13 years and girls below 12 year are the victims of this evil acts orchestrated by their male teachers.

He says the abused pupils opted to keep silent about the matter until they are either identified by their parents, or concerned citizens who notice the way they walk, sit and behave after being sodomised. 



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